Franchise brokering service has gained a new edge. In the beginning, franchise brokering service started with direct access to over 300 franchise brands that hold connections to the Franchise Brokering Association (FBA). Recently, Steve Cooper has become a broker of Kahala Brands. This means that in addition to all of the franchises that work with the FBA, Steve has an insider’s look at brands like TacoTime, Cold Stone Creamery, Surf City Squeeze, and many other quick service restaurants.

Kahala Brands’s vision is to be, “the largest franchise company in the world by being the best franchisor in the industry,” and Franchise Brokering Service believes that is not only possible, but achievable.

We are very excited about this new opportunity for us and for our clients! If you are interested in finding out more about what brands are available to be franchised through Kahala brands or any franchisors that Franchise Brokering Service works with we are happy to extend an appointment that you can set on our calendar. Click Here to set a time and talk!

We’ve all been asked that cliché question, usually during a job interview, that leaves us racking our brains in the hopes that we can come up with some quality that will help us stand out from the crowd. Everyone can rattle off a few (even if they are just qualities we found listed under the job description) but have you ever taken the time to really find out what your business strengths are? The things about you that make you good for leadership roles, or which environment you work the best under, or even the reasons why you would be good at owning a business.

Here at Franchise Brokering Service we think knowing these qualities is important. In fact, we think it is important enough that we are offering a customized psychometric assessment absolutely free for absolutely anyone interested.

This assessment will ask you about yourself for about fifteen minutes and in return you will gain insight about your values, stages of growth, culture, work style, competencies, sales style, business path, compliance, focus preference, emotional and social intelligence, meta programs, and risk management.

So go ahead, find out what you excel at. Be able to answer that question confidently and truthfully. Maybe even become confident enough in your strengths that you no longer want the job interview, maybe you’ll realize you want to step up as a leader and be a business owner.



Steve Cooper, owner and franchise broker for Franchise Brokering Service, is also hanging a hat in the Bellevue office of Keller Williams Real Estate Agency as a real estate agent. Steve’s main focus is going to be his clients looking to open a franchise, however, his newly forged connection with Keller Williams will allow him to help his clients in setting up any business that needs a brick and mortar location.

Opening a business is can be a lot of work but one of the reasons using a franchise broker is beneficial is because the process can be streamlined. Now Steve can help make one more step that much easier. Click here to check out four other reasons why anyone opening a franchise should be using a franchise broker.

Plain and simple, if you are interested in buying a franchise then you can only gain from going through a franchise broker. Here are five real reasons why:


Even if you have an idea of what kind of franchise you are interested in, you may come to find that there is a better business out there for you. The number of companies available to franchise is growing rapidly and a franchise broker would act as a trusted advisor with your best interest in mind to help you figure out your path.


A franchise broker will put in the time and effort to make sure the business you’re investing in has the best chance at success. Whether it’s finding out what your neighbors are spending the most money on or seeing what kinds of businesses have been successful in the past, a franchise broker will give you the information you need to bring a business that your community will not only welcome in, but embrace.


Any big investment can be scary and using a franchise broker means you have someone, someone who has worked with hundreds of new franchise owners, who will be by your side to help answer your toughest questions. An experienced franchise broker has looked around the corner and has seen what’s coming.


Through the worries and the questions and the research, your franchise broker can help you open your business faster. When you invest, you want to see a return on that investment as soon as possible. A franchise broker has done this before and that means your time and money can be used more efficiently and effectively.


Lastly, a franchise broker comes at no cost to you. Just like the homebuyer gets the free services of a real-estate broker, a franchise broker offers all services to you for free. By using a franchise broker you lose nothing, but be sure there is a whole lot to gain.

Think you might be interested in franchise ownership? Fill out the contact form and a broker will be in touch within 24 hours! 










It’s your friends birthday and you are hosting the party. You know there needs to be a cake but you don’t really want to go down to a specialty cake store and you have enough experience in the kitchen that you feel confident enough to bake it yourself. However, you are slightly worried because you have never actually baked a cake before. What if it tastes bad?

Fortunately for you and for all of the party guests, there is a simple solution: buy the boxed cake mix. Betty Crocker gave you a guarantee that you are going to have a good cake every time. Plus, if you’re feeling adventurous you can always add the ingredients that take boxed cake to a whole new level.

So why is a franchise broker talking about baking? Because that’s what investing in a franchise is like. Maybe you have the skills you need to open your own business but the fear of potential failure is keeping you from even starting. Investing in a franchise gives you the same guarantee that Betty Crocker does, all you have to do is follow the recipe and pretty soon you’ll be eating cake.

Entrepreneurship is a word that is thrown around a lot, especially as of late. Some people joke that if a bio on a dating app says “entrepreneur” as an occupation, then that person is just looking for a job. But what if we stopped thinking of someone who is willing to take a financial risk, to throw himself or herself out into the world of business, as someone to be made light of? What if ‘entrepreneurship’ isn’t something that’s only for young adults from wealthy families with little responsibility? What if we are looking at entrepreneurship in the wrong way? What if ‘entrepreneurship’ really is the way to grasp at the possibility of grandeur?

Before I make this argument, I need to define what ‘grandeur’ is. For me, grandeur is a few simple things that make for a great life and a set up for a great future. Grandeur is financial freedom AND having control of ones own schedule.

After school a lot of people dive into the world of 9-5 jobs, driving in hours of traffic for a commute, and working through holidays. Why? Because that’s what they went to school for. Because if they work hard now they’ll get the promotion (to an even more time consuming job, but hey, maybe next year they’ll get off for thanksgiving). Sometimes, for the right people, those 9-5 jobs are great. Sometimes people really enjoy the life in the office. And sometimes they don’t.

For the people who aren’t keen on spending their adult life working for someone else, I feel inclined to let you know that YOU DON’T HAVE TO. And you don’t have to have any novel ideas either.

Entrepreneurship is about taking a leap of faith just big enough to get you away from the office job and into the chair of a business owner. One path to this chair is to open up a franchise. Not only is franchise ownership within grasp for most people, franchise ownership is a way towards a steady income and power over your own life. Depending on how hard you’re wanting to work, and how much time you’re wanting to devote to other parts of your life, there is a franchise that fits the bill.

Welcome to Franchise Brokering Service. Since leaving a corporate office I’ve started a journey of what I’ve always wanted to do and it’s finally happening for me. I have officially started my own business and I’m excited to let everyone know. I’m going to be presenting new franchise opportunities that have success centered brands to the right kind of people, people who are in transition and looking for changes in how they create income and security for themselves and their families. I’m so happy to be starting this journey and that you’re here, reading this, and joining in on the ride!