Discovering Your Super Powers

We’ve all been asked that clich√© question, usually during a job interview, that leaves us racking our brains in the hopes that we can come up with some quality that will help us stand out from the crowd. Everyone can rattle off a few (even if they are just qualities we found listed under the job description) but have you ever taken the time to really find out what your business strengths are? The things about you that make you good for leadership roles, or which environment you work the best under, or even the reasons why you would be good at owning a business.

Here at Franchise Brokering Service we think knowing these qualities is important. In fact, we think it is important enough that we are offering a customized psychometric assessment absolutely free for absolutely anyone interested.

This assessment will ask you about yourself for about fifteen minutes and in return you will gain insight about your values, stages of growth, culture, work style, competencies, sales style, business path, compliance, focus preference, emotional and social intelligence, meta programs, and risk management.

So go ahead, find out what you excel at. Be able to answer that question confidently and truthfully. Maybe even become confident enough in your strengths that you no longer want the job interview, maybe you’ll realize you want to step up as a leader and be a business owner.