Embracing Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a word that is thrown around a lot, especially as of late. Some people joke that if a bio on a dating app says “entrepreneur” as an occupation, then that person is just looking for a job. But what if we stopped thinking of someone who is willing to take a financial risk, to throw himself or herself out into the world of business, as someone to be made light of? What if ‘entrepreneurship’ isn’t something that’s only for young adults from wealthy families with little responsibility? What if we are looking at entrepreneurship in the wrong way? What if ‘entrepreneurship’ really is the way to grasp at the possibility of grandeur?

Before I make this argument, I need to define what ‘grandeur’ is. For me, grandeur is a few simple things that make for a great life and a set up for a great future. Grandeur is financial freedom AND having control of ones own schedule.

After school a lot of people dive into the world of 9-5 jobs, driving in hours of traffic for a commute, and working through holidays. Why? Because that’s what they went to school for. Because if they work hard now they’ll get the promotion (to an even more time consuming job, but hey, maybe next year they’ll get off for thanksgiving). Sometimes, for the right people, those 9-5 jobs are great. Sometimes people really enjoy the life in the office. And sometimes they don’t.

For the people who aren’t keen on spending their adult life working for someone else, I feel inclined to let you know that YOU DON’T HAVE TO. And you don’t have to have any novel ideas either.

Entrepreneurship is about taking a leap of faith just big enough to get you away from the office job and into the chair of a business owner. One path to this chair is to open up a franchise. Not only is franchise ownership within grasp for most people, franchise ownership is a way towards a steady income and power over your own life. Depending on how hard you’re wanting to work, and how much time you’re wanting to devote to other parts of your life, there is a franchise that fits the bill.